In the early 1970's, Timber Products  Company, based in Yreka, California, leased an eighteen-acre parcel from Yreka Western Railroad and built a small decorative bark manufacturing plant on site. At the time, excess wood and bark products were relatively useless and many operations burned the products in wigwam burners. What a waste! The construction of the new plant was a large step in the right direction in reusable materials. It ran for a few years but had room for improvement.

Timber Products Company had bought its equipment from Vita Bark Company. Vita Bark not only built the machinery for bark products, they were a top producer for decorative bark and soil amendments as well. Their operations served Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Southern California.

Steve Bradley was the Regional Manager for the Vita Bark Company at the time, and when he toured the Timber Products Company bark plant, he saw potential. In 1975, Mr. Bradley left Vita Bark and worked out a deal with Timber Products Company to lease its facility in Yreka and buy their raw bark for production of decorative bark products. Shasta Forest Products, Inc. was born.

In the late 1970's Mr. Bradley purchased the plant from Timber Products Company and the land from Yreka Western Railroad. He ran the operation as a family business until 1999. He then instituted the Employee Stock Ownership Plan for his employees before retiring from the business.

In December 2005, Shasta Forest Products, Inc. became 100% employee owned, and a year later, became an S-Corp. In May 2008, Shasta Forest Products, Inc. opened our Landscape Supply Center. We sell and deliver all the decorative landscape bark manufactured at the mill site, soil amendments, and bagged products. We also supply decorative rocks, underground sprinkler and drip systems, gardening tools, supplies and seeds, walkway and patio pavers, and retaining and courtyard blocks. We deliver throughout Siskiyou County and pride ourselves in our product quality and customer satisfaction. We look forward to continued growth in the future in our service areas and the variety of the products we offer.